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The First Step with a New Learning Standard

What do we do first when undertaking a standard, we have not done before? The first step I take with a new Common Core standard is identify the “what.” That is, what are the concepts and big ideas I can pull from that mess. Then, what will be my lesson goals? So, that I can break it... Continue Reading →

Tips for Planning Instruction with ELL Students

Learning a new language takes years. The reason is obvious, usually an ELL or ESL, English as a Second Language student comes into one of the most difficult and illogical languages, English, from another culture and home language. Imagine yourself moving to Beijing and trying to learn Mandarin with little help and you have Dyslexia.... Continue Reading →

How to Unpack a Standard

Any standard, including Common Core tells the teacher what to teach, it does not tell us how to teach. Thus, any good teacher can work it for the student’s success! What the standards do is show the expectations of what needs to be learned at what level and grade. They are the ends, not the... Continue Reading →

Unpacking Learning Standards

In my teaching journey the standards have drastically changed more than three times, the latest is Common Core. Now, I fought, complained, fussed, kicked dirt and so forth each time. Because, each time our education system and rating has gotten worse. California was number one thirty years ago when I was in my first credential... Continue Reading →

Continues Improvement Cycle

building-the-steps-of-continuous-improvementDownload This is perhaps one of my favorite resources, extremely practical and with just a few pages and you can dramatically transform your classroom, even your school and District! This PDF is loaded with tips and ideas to be more engaging with students too. Steps in the PDSA Cycle Step 1: Plan. Plan the test... Continue Reading →

The Critical Learning Point

Achieving Good Student Performance by Understand the Critical Learning Point. Students depend on teachers helping them not hurting or discouraging them. Students need us to help and guide them in their educational journey. To be great teachers, we must be guiding, facilitating and teaching, not just targets, but the whole person. Thus, ask yourself this,... Continue Reading →

Supporting Student Emotions

Research shows students need 3 positives to every negative feedback to be positively engaged. Thus, if we know when, where and how students’ emotions occur during the instructional process, we then can be proactive and place them in winning situations. We need to think through how our students are thinking and reacting emotionally through the... Continue Reading →

ALWAYS Actions

Key teaching tip: Students learn when they know what is expected of them. I have poached these from my teacher training at "Teacher Ready" in Florida, and seen this for years from others “always actions” that I believe are for all times for effective teaching and student engagements with procedures. Procedures. More effective teachers have... Continue Reading →

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