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Teacher Self-Assessment

(Survey from Teacher Ready in Florida) Directions:  Complete the Effective Teacher GPA, by assigning yourself a grade for each item below. If you’re a teacher, complete using your classroom experience; if you’re a pre-service teacher, then complete as you anticipate your actions in the classroom. Then, complete the self-reflection at the bottom of the page. ... Continue Reading →

How do we Know When Students Show Mastery?

Today, did my students learn? If not, why not?  These are hard questions we must always ask ourselves and any good Principal should also ask: Are you providing students with what they need or just what they want? Are the students engaged? (For how to better ourselves, see “Always Actions” post.) We always need to... Continue Reading →

Continues Improvement Cycle

building-the-steps-of-continuous-improvementDownload This is perhaps one of my favorite resources, extremely practical and with just a few pages and you can dramatically transform your classroom, even your school and District! This PDF is loaded with tips and ideas to be more engaging with students too. Steps in the PDSA Cycle Step 1: Plan. Plan the test... Continue Reading →

ALWAYS Actions

Key teaching tip: Students learn when they know what is expected of them. I have poached these from my teacher training at "Teacher Ready" in Florida, and seen this for years from others “always actions” that I believe are for all times for effective teaching and student engagements with procedures. Procedures. More effective teachers have... Continue Reading →

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