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How Invitational Can Support Students

In our teaching, we need to find ways to inspire our students. Like a simple question, I use for my second grade STEAM class and my Algebra II High School class, “what else can we do to solve this problem?” In addition, how do I make this fun. Easy with STEAM, a bit of a... Continue Reading →

Practical Invitational Theory

Trust. Respect. Besides the 5Ps, we believe in the four important elements of IE. We call it TRIO. T stands for Trust, R stands for Respect, I stands for intentionality, and O stands for Optimism. In order to be successful, we have to implement these four core elements within our school, especially working towards people,... Continue Reading →

How to Start a Class off Right

Prime time in school is the first few moments in class. Prime time is a phrase used by the television broadcasting industry to refer to the peak time that the block of programming should be taking place. That is, when the greatest number of people watching, the audience and time is prime time. It is considered... Continue Reading →

Ideas for Greeting Students

Most teachers I know and have worked with over the years do not do this simple tactic to connect with students, build good relationships with parents and increase student engagement. Which is, greeting our students every morning at the door! Mostly because, we are just too busy putting out fires. But, this approach solves most... Continue Reading →

Continues Improvement Cycle

building-the-steps-of-continuous-improvementDownload This is perhaps one of my favorite resources, extremely practical and with just a few pages and you can dramatically transform your classroom, even your school and District! This PDF is loaded with tips and ideas to be more engaging with students too. Steps in the PDSA Cycle Step 1: Plan. Plan the test... Continue Reading →

Supporting Student Emotions

Research shows students need 3 positives to every negative feedback to be positively engaged. Thus, if we know when, where and how students’ emotions occur during the instructional process, we then can be proactive and place them in winning situations. We need to think through how our students are thinking and reacting emotionally through the... Continue Reading →

Positive Classroom Behavior Support Ideas

Positive Classroom Behavior Support Ideas The three school-wide behavior management approaches I have used include “PBIS,” “The Leader in Me” and the “Nurtured Heart Approach.” All three have good reasons and takeaways that I will incorporate in my teaching; however, I believe one helps me better at teaching as well as connecting with students. The... Continue Reading →

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