The First Step with a New Learning Standard

What do we do first when undertaking a standard, we have not done before? The first step I take with a new Common Core standard is identify the “what.” That is, what are the concepts and big ideas I can pull from that mess. Then, what will be my lesson goals? So, that I can break it... Continue Reading →

How to Unpack a Standard

Any standard, including Common Core tells the teacher what to teach, it does not tell us how to teach. Thus, any good teacher can work it for the student’s success! What the standards do is show the expectations of what needs to be learned at what level and grade. They are the ends, not the... Continue Reading →

Unpacking Learning Standards

In my teaching journey the standards have drastically changed more than three times, the latest is Common Core. Now, I fought, complained, fussed, kicked dirt and so forth each time. Because, each time our education system and rating has gotten worse. California was number one thirty years ago when I was in my first credential... Continue Reading →

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