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Teacher Self-Assessment

(Survey from Teacher Ready in Florida)

Directions:  Complete the Effective Teacher GPA, by assigning yourself a grade for each item below. If you’re a teacher, complete using your classroom experience; if you’re a pre-service teacher, then complete as you anticipate your actions in the classroom. Then, complete the self-reflection at the bottom of the page. 

A = always (97% of the time and above)         D = seldom (5% to 39% of the time)
B = usually (80% to 96% of the time)             F = never (less than 5% of the time)

C = sometimes (40% to 79% of the time)

Effective Teacher GPA Exercise
1. I judge my ability to teach by how well my students learn rather than how well I teach content.
2. I am comfortable with others judging my ability to teach by how well my students learn.
3. If I leave school knowing many of my students did not learn as I expected, I determine that I did not teach very well that day.
4. I take full responsibility when my students fail to learn.
5. I do not blame students or their parents for my students failing to learn.
6. I do not move to another concept until my students have mastered the one at hand.
7. Each day I clearly communicate what is expected of my students.
8. My students clearly see how one day of learning builds on the next day of learning.
9. I give my students ample time to practice learning tasks before I make a judgment about how well they learned.
10.    I do not assign a daily grade to my students’ work when they are practicing learning tasks.
11.    I create opportunities where my students receive continuous and specific feedback that helps them improve.
12.    I consistently recognize my students’ strengths.

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Self-reflection (How will this information impact your professional/personal development?):

Keep in mind that our goal as teachers is to create a learning environment where students want to learn. Where they can feel safe, gain confidence and express and experience their success. It is imperative that students know and feel that their teacher cares about them. That we will help them engage in the learning process and not be critical or aloof. Help them step by step in their progress and believe that can learn, so they catch that belief. They need to see us being a teacher and helping them and see them as individuals. Students who know and feel his, will improve and want to learn.

I found this tool a very good self-assessment tool to make sure I stay focused on the main aspects of teaching, guiding and helping students to learn. I work with special needs “exceptional” students, so an A will be a hard goal, but one to keep at. I printed it out and will keep in my personal teacher folder with my calendar.

Additional Resources: Online Effective Teacher GPA Exercise

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