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Creating classroom Mission statement helps create positive communication and positive behavior management, concepts and consequences. This powerful management tool helps promote behaviors and process to promote learning. 

I found that a well-defined mission statement, with positive student-produced rules, will create a classroom structure of fewer problems. This, in turn, creates a path for success for each student. For the reason that this will give the students more security and less worry, as without this, problems will escalate into more problems and feed off the chaos. Thus, by removing the bulk of the problems, we create a better run class and a better environment for learning. In this setting, the teacher can best address any sprouting problems and behavior issues, usually just by pointing to the poster the students made. This has totally transformed public-school classrooms that have done this.

Also, restating the Educational Goals in the beginning and perhaps having the students rewrite them in their own words and signing it will help keep a well-run class. 

Student created: Create one around these two guiding questions: 

Why are we here?  

I found what I have written below to be a powerful tool for classroom management and the engagement of the students. It is imperative that you as the teacher bring in character and positive listening skills and create an even more engaging environment.

The key I have found is to show love and care.

How is this accomplished?

  • Who Are We? Students define themselves, like diversity (with teachers guidance)…
  • What Are We About? Best classes in which they actually learned, qualities they enjoy and that help them learn…
  • What is Our Work Together? The five areas of focus determined by the “consensogram”… or survey what are the students’ needs.
  • Typed out the mission statement, laminated it, and hung it on the front of the room:

As we go through the year, the mission statement serves as a reminder of what we have said we value and which areas of literacy we will focus on and measure.

Sample from Method School students’ own words’ mission:

“What we are about is to be committed learners. We will be successful as we prepare for our future! We will be responsible, caring and respectful to each other. We will listen and be kind! We will be helpful to one another! We will be positive and kind! Our teacher, Dr. Krejcir will help and guide us and be a positive role model. We will never doubt in what we can do!”

From one of my recent classes:

“We will love to learn! We will start on time, be prepared, stay on task, listen, know the rules and do our best for all of our benefits. We will be respectful and responsible as well as kind and caring. We will explore new concepts, knowing that we can do it. We will try our best and not be afraid. We will be patient and learn from our mistakes. You have a chance to become more than what anyone said you can be! Allow us to help you be successful and make a great class and a hopeful future.”

Then, you can use this effectively to reinforce the behavior expectations/rules:


Exhibit their work on a poster board for the entire year and often reference this, for students and parents can see what they committed to for the year. Also post on a class webpage and email to parents that helps with expectations and communication. This also helps redirect students when procedures are not followed. Saves several minutes of correcting behavior by just pointing and reminding.

This all helps for a better controlled classroom for learning to take place.

Dr. Richard Krejcir is an Author, Researcher, seasoned Special Education teacher and the Director of a nonprofit that does educational training in third-world countries. He is also a STEAM teacher and a father of a son with autism.

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