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How to Start a Class Effectively

Morning Routine.jpg

Prime time in school is the first few moments in class.

Have a Morning Routine! Such as, quietly walk into the classroom. Remove coat or jacket. Hang it up. Empty backpack or book bag. Have two sharpened pencils, books, and materials ready. At the same time or before class, have assignments posted at the same location and be available, so the students will know the procedure for work and not to waste time. Then, as the teacher takes roll, students begin their work for the day on their own. The priority when class begins is not to just the roll; it is enabling students to work effectively.

Invitational Theory

Educating should be a collaborative, cooperative activity to offer something beneficial for consideration. By being able, valuable, and responsible and should model and in response students are treated accordingly. By doing so they realize their boundless potential that can grow through participation.

The five fundamentals of Invitational Theory: care, trust, respect, optimism, and intentionality. This offers a constant “stance” that sees students as valuable, so we can create and maintain an optimistic appealing environment. This will be care about oneself and others with mutual respect, optimism that sees the student’s potential for the class and their future with consistently and dependably

The most toxic levels of relationships and educational functioning encompasses actions, policies, programs, places, and processes that discourage, demean, dissuade, defeat and destroy.

While a successful teacher will exhibit caring, trusting, respecting, and optimistic qualities that are synergized by being invitational. So, to encourage students to enrich their lives in each of these four extents: being personally inviting with oneself; being personally inviting with others; being professionally inviting with oneself; and being professionally inviting with others.

Build Relationships: Teach More Than ‘Just Math’

Do not just teach your standards, go beyond and build relationships with students and their character. And show appreciation to the students each day. Such as notes, signs, gestures, kind words. Students will care about the class if you care about them. Being positive and a simple gesture like good morning can make a lifelong difference to a child. Students will reflect the actions and attitude of others, especially teachers in their environment.

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