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Engaging Student Ownership

Engaging Student Ownership

A quality teacher with the command of their classroom with the engagement of the students’ learning through caring, effective learning goals, feedback and assessment will set a positive “ownership” tone. This tone will help facilitate a student to reach beyond their self-placed boundaries to create an “ownership” of their own education. This creates a culture of cooperation, engagement and enthusiasm in the classroom.

This means to take responsibility in a deep-rooted self-control of their own learning endeavors. Then the result will be the student, who may have previously been slacking in their learning development will start to believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. This leads them to take control of their learning goals and realize, “yes I can, and I will” mindset of their education and future. This ownership will have them excelling by purpose and self-motivation from a better learning environment that showcases a model that helps them see their place in the educational system. This will be by “owning” it, not just trying to get through it by “renting.” The outcomes are students taking better responsibly on their education. Thus, students in this setting will be headed to the top level of their educational achievement.

How is this accomplished?

  • When students know what is being taught, the “why” and “how,” by giving and receiving feedback, places them inside not outside of their learning.
  • When the teacher gives targeted instruction and applied response that builds on the practice and connects the students to the real-world with a purpose of the lesson will help cement the ownership.
  • Allow your students to give feedback on your feedback. This will greatly motivate them to invest in the ownership to improve. This is done when they know they have a say and can express, at appropriate times. Consider how does your descriptive feedback help a student improve? How does it help them reflect on the task? What specific corrective action is needed.
  • Besides effective class teaching and discussion, a teacher needs to create discussion groups or teams with teacher directed quality questions that are engaging, reflecting and listening. This gives students better opportunities to own their learning, and places them in further this ownership environment.
  • When you give your students the power to use their past knowledge and ownership of the activity helps build their confidence and allows them to open up more.

Key tip, Engagement and feedback are key factors to success in the classroom, as is clear expectations!

A student taking ownership of their learning will make a significant difference in their personal success in school. Just a few simple changes on how and why we teach will impact students for real effective self-confidence and engagement with the teacher and the student and their current education. And, it does not stop there, this ownership can continue for the effectual future of both student and school.

Key tip, high expectations for student learning equals impact on a student’s quality of academic performance!

Dr. Richard Krejcir is an Author, Researcher, seasoned Special Education teacher and the Director of a nonprofit that does educational training in third-world countries. He is also a STEAM teacher and a father of a son with autism.

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