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Prevention: The Key to Solving Discipline Problems in the Classroom

Prevention, Not Intervention, have procedures in place 

Behavior problems can mostly be prevented by having a classroom management plan with procedures.  Procedures tell a student what to do. If students know what to do, they will not do what they are not supposed to do.

Effective teachers implement a classroom management plan that prevents problems from occurring in the first place. In an ineffectively run classroom, energy is used to Stop Misbehavior. In an effectively run classroom, energy is used to Enhance Learning.

In other words, effective teachers prevent problems before they occur, rather than react after a problem occurs.

The Three Cs

Classrooms with an abundance of misbehavior problems have as their signature the Three Cs:

  • Compliance
  • Control
  • Coercion

If the student does not comply, office intervention or in-class scolding is used.  Coercion is used to control the class until submissive behavior is evident—anything for the teacher to survive.

Classrooms that are free of misbehavior problems succeed because they give children structure, focus, guidance, and direction.  This is how effective schools and classrooms are created.

The approach considered most effective these days have moved completely away from punishment and other forceful tactics.

Be Proactive, criminal system is reactive; it acts after a crime is committed.  An effective classroom is proactive; it has procedures in place to prevent deviations from expectations.

Have a classroom management plan! Then, inspire action, motion, and change.

The most effective managers devoted one-third of the time the first five days of school to teach rules and procedures.


Choreograph Your Classroom

Help students move quickly and efficiently around the classroom

This helps move students into the transitions such as a desk to group to activity more efficiently and less chatter. Think about the flow of your classroom and how will you move students from one place to another efficiently? Which pathways to cut down congestion, how will be the transitions? More investment to start off this way will equal more learning time and less issues. Also, routines, assignments, order…

Managing Transitions with content-based learning Help students move quickly and efficiently around the classroom

Maximize instruction by adding content into your transitions, like having a word of the day, or a geography question or a math problem, a grab bag quiz, teachers explain as students practice as they transition from one place in groups like a desk to the carpet.

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