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Planning and Classroom Management

One of the main factors for student achievement is to have a “blueprint” for teaching, for Classroom Management take must be developed and implemented as planning creates a roadmap for your success. As stated by experienced and successful teachers, “there are no elevators to success; you have to take the stairs.” (Gordon Cawelti, Ed., Handbook of Research on Improving Student Achievement, 2004)

Students as well as teachers need clarity and direction, as the what’s, why’s, and how’s of what will take place in the classroom. The teacher must have a thought through plan and the steps it will take for reaching, engaging and educating the students. Thus, develop a clear philosophy of education, that shows the procedures and components of an effective lesson plan. In addition, the procedures for the order, classroom layout, rules, consequences, assessments, communicating with parents are all part of the management plan. This will be a step-by-step, plan throughout the semester.

How to develop a Classroom Management Plan?

Be creative and thoughtful, use a scrapbook or a binder, to express who you are as a teacher. Include the following:

Info about yourself, anda picture of you at work teaching, and resume.

What are your Rules and /Expectations / Discipline policy, five or so positively stated enforceable expectations for your class.

Your Plan, how will you commence preparing for your classroom? What are you excited about? What are your concerns? 

Your Procedures, 5 procedures that students engage in regularly and the steps and details for each procedure. Like how they come into class, use the restroom, submit homework, sharpening pencils… Categorize procedures that you will be teaching and the routine in your classroom.  How and when will you explain and demonstrate the procedures to the class, explain, rehearse and review? What are the steps to know and follow for following the procedures?

Your Schedule show an example of a class schedule that includes recess, lunch, and any auxiliary periods.

What are the Rewards for Following the Procedures, the positive consequences and procedures? How will students be recognized for a reward system.

What are the Consequences, the steps for addressing behavior issues by a student? Such as 1st violation, 2nd, etc.? Thorough corrective actions, such as office referral and classroom removal for serious issues like bullying and vandalism.

How will you Communicate with Parents, such as an example of a welcome letter to a new school year, and a newsletter and how you will give out Information. When and how will parents contact you, when will you meet with them, and when and how for student handouts or syllabus.

Components of an Effective Lesson, how will you bring excitement and confidence? How will you have a good, positive attitude even in tough days? When you have this down, then you can help your students be self-confident, and more successful.

Also, include, an opening statement, any personal facts you want to share, your philosophy of education, student goals and the plan to teach and contact information, and how you will give thank-you notes. Consider what will you need to do and be to be successful in the classroom?

Any additional comments you would like to share.

Above is perfect for job interviews as it shows your organization and professionalism, as they ask, “how will you manage the classroom?” How will you teach students about your expectations? How will you organize the day?

Dr. Richard Krejcir is an Author, Researcher, seasoned Special Education teacher and the Director of a nonprofit that does educational training in third-world countries. He is also a STEAM teacher and a father of a son with autism.

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