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ALWAYS Actions

Key teaching tip: Students learn when they know what is expected of them. I have poached these from my teacher training at "Teacher Ready" in Florida, and seen this for years from others “always actions” that I believe are for all times for effective teaching and student engagements with procedures. Procedures. More effective teachers have... Continue Reading →

Engaging Student Ownership

Engaging Student Ownership A quality teacher with the command of their classroom with the engagement of the students' learning through caring, effective learning goals, feedback and assessment will set a positive “ownership” tone. This tone will help facilitate a student to reach beyond their self-placed boundaries to create an “ownership” of their own education. This... Continue Reading →

Positive Classroom Behavior Support Ideas

Positive Classroom Behavior Support Ideas The three school-wide behavior management approaches I have used include “PBIS,” “The Leader in Me” and the “Nurtured Heart Approach.” All three have good reasons and takeaways that I will incorporate in my teaching; however, I believe one helps me better at teaching as well as connecting with students. The... Continue Reading →

Planning and Classroom Management

One of the main factors for student achievement is to have a “blueprint” for teaching, for Classroom Management take must be developed and implemented as planning creates a roadmap for your success. As stated by experienced and successful teachers, “there are no elevators to success; you have to take the stairs.” (Gordon Cawelti, Ed., Handbook... Continue Reading →

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